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Practical Snapchat Tips for Marketers

With more than 100 million daily active users and views to over 10 billion videos a day, Snapchat has emerged as the fastest growing social network for marketers. The photo sharing app is currently the immensely used socializing platform amid 12 to 24 years old. A survey revealed that 69 percent students would purchase a product if they are sent a coupon on Snapchat. There are countless reasons to advertise and market your brand on Snapchat to boost brand awareness and acquire more customers to generate heavy revenues. Given is the guide how the marketers can effectively use Snapchat to ride their business to success.

Give the Snapchatters reason to click your story

The most important element is the piece of content you share on Snapchat if it is not engaging and interesting it could never add value to your brand. Provide your target audience with a variety of content which they could find entertaining and informative. Think out of the box and take risks to let the Snapchatters watch out the unique and valuable content. The majority of Snapchat users are teenagers and younger adults, so strategize a marketing plan keeping your target audience and their needs in your mind. You must be acquainted with what Snapchatters expect from a brand and how can you attract them and make them click on your stories.

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing plan

Measuring the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing plan on Snapchat is as much important as it is on other digital and social networking platforms. However, there is not any public way to measurement and data analysis on your Snapchat account which means you will have to track your progress on your own. Calculate the average views for your Snapchat Videos per day and record them in a spreadsheet. In this way, you could set your goal measuring the incline or decline in your views daily. Moreover, you can calculate your follow rate on daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Drive Followers from Other Social Media Platforms to Snapchat

You can bring the audience to your Snapchat from the other social media platforms. Posting the fun and interesting Snapchat photos and videos on other social networking sites with your Snapchat username can be highly effective. You can post on your Facebook or Instagram page that there is something exciting going to happen on your Snapchat or you can post something entertaining on Twitter and tell people to follow you on Snapchat to check out more stuff.  

Look for Influencer Marketing

Likewise you, many of your competitors might be marketing their brand on Snapchat. So it would be a great decision to team up with trusted influencers to show up on Snapchat. Many Snapchat influencers have millions of followers and they get more than 400k views for each story they share on Snapchat. The influencers would understand your story and marketing strategies better, so they can help you achieve the goals more effectively. However, you will have less control over the content the influencers create because you cannot review or edit it neither before nor after publishing. Find trusted influencers and let them communicate your story in their own way rather than controlling them.

Be Authentic and Timely

Snapchat is getting popularity over the other social media and digital marketing platforms and it is most probably because of its authenticity. Unlike the Facebook and Instagram, you cannot edit your Snapchat stories. The fact that stories get disappeared 24 hours after creation encourages businesses to be authentic. In addition to authenticity, the Snapchat is a platform to build and promote timely content. With Snapchat Memories feature, you can use your old snaps to generate a new story or mash up different stories to create an extensive story. For instance, you can create a pre-launch and a post-launch story to combine them into a Snapchat Memory post.

Engage Your Followers

Unlike conventional advertising and marketing tools, the social media allows two-way communication allowing businesses to engage their followers and get their words. So take advantage of it and involve your followers in your Snapchat stories. For instance, you can ask them to send a photo of them featuring your brand or make a video discussing their experience with your brand. Make sure you respond back to your fan or send them a photo showing gratitude.


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