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How to use Onlypult

Why do I keep talking about Onlypult, you ask? Well when it comes to Instagram, consistency is key, and consistency is tough to attain without a scheduling system.

Enter: Onlypult

Finally there is a platform that helps you schedule beautiful, relevant, and consistent pics that can be planned out months in advance.

Let me show you how to let OnlyPult take the wheel!

Let’s make this quick! We’ll schedule your posts in 6 simple steps:




The first thing you will see is one of your brand’s Instagram feeds. On the left side of your dashboard, you can see all your brand accounts. This makes it easy to toggle back and forth between brands.



  • Choose between the 3 posting options: Single, Gallery, or Multiple. Baby steps…let’s start with a single photo!


Pro Tip: Learn about uploading in bulk here:


  • Drag and drop your masterpiece from your computer or pop in a URL.


Pro Tip: Make sure this work of art you are about to post is not only visually stunning but also relevant to your audience and business. Seriously, no one wants to see a bunch of inspirational quotes…THAT IS WHAT PINTEREST IS FOR!



  • Select the best size. I recommend already having pics properly sized for Instagram, but if you don’t, Onlypult can help you out with that!




  • Choose one of their 13 filters to take your picture up a notch. Note to self…a filter is not always needed, go through them carefully before adding one to your pic.


Pro Tip: Black-and-white filters help mask everything from a bad skin day or spray tan to yellow teeth.



  • Add a few words of wisdom or something sassy to make people laugh! When you write your caption, you can add emoticons, geo tag and hashtags.


Pro Tip: #Nofilter should only be used when there is actually NO FILTER. Also it is a good idea to keep your hashtags to a dull roar, meaning don’t use more than 4 per photo.



  • Last but not least, choose the best day and time to schedule your post and save. That’s it.


Pro Tip: Do not under any circumstance post more than 3 times in a day. There are very few exceptions to this rule…in fact I can’t think of any off the top of my head. Rule of thumb is never to post more than twice in any given day!

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Colleen Vizents
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