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Trump Twitter Account Shut Down – Funny or Not?

On Thursday November 2nd, the @realDonaldTrump Twitter account was deleted by a contracted Twitter employee on their last day of work. For an entire eleven minutes, the world spun ‘round without the American president’s quick fingered commentary. Some rejoiced…   While others criticised…   Regardless of how the internet reacted – with giddy happiness or […]

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Nextdoor: the social media app you need to be leveraging

Have you heard of NextDoor? There are roughly 89035493085430825908 apps out there these days, but only some can make a splash like Nextdoor has in recent months. And for individuals as well as businesses, this app is a gold mine. We’ll tell you why in a second. So what’s the deal? What does this little […]

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How to use Onlypult

Why do I keep talking about Onlypult, you ask? Well when it comes to Instagram, consistency is key, and consistency is tough to attain without a scheduling system. Enter: Onlypult Finally there is a platform that helps you schedule beautiful, relevant, and consistent pics that can be planned out months in advance. Let me show […]

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Attending an event? Here’s your social media game plan

Well, look at you. Off to a conference with plenty of networking opportunities next week! Time to polish those shoes. Dry clean that amazing power dress. Get that mustard stain off your tie. You may know this already (you are reading this blog after all), but your online appearance matters as much as your personal […]

WTF is a Hashtag - daily social media

WTF is a Hashtag

Here’s the lowdown on the hashtag… If you think Twitter invented the hashtag, you are sorely mistaken. Before Twitter took hold of the hashtag in the 1990’s, it was commonly referred to as the pound sign. You know, that thing you’ve all seen on your cell phone? It was first used for “hashtag” purposes by […]

The power of Instagram fitness gurus - daily social media

The power of Instagram fitness gurus (and how to harness the craze)

#fitspiration #fitforareason #fitgirl #workoutmotivation #swolemate #mfpro #healthiswealth #fitspo #mondaymotivation #inspo #exercisemotivation #buildyourself   Ah yes, the signature hashtags of the Instagram fitness craze. The newest addition to the list of ways your newsfeed can simultaneously uplift and depress you. On any given day, your evening scroll might take you from #FoodPorn to your friend’s #NewBaby […]

Twitter Characters Upgraded to 280; Lots of Feels…

As you probably already know, Twitter made a big hullabaloo last week. They upped that character count from 140 to 280 for a handful of randomly selected users around the world, and the metaphorical pot has been stirred. It has been stirred and boiled and whisked and sautéed and upset by every other culinary verb […]

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Snapchat Cozies Up to College Newspapers

Heads up, y’all: Snapchat is coming in hot with some new stuff, and it’s user generated content to the BRILLIANT extreme. Snapchat just announced that it will be partnering with universities all around the country to publish pieces created by school newspaper teams. (This is a big move, considering that the app pretty much only […]

How to use Facebook live like a boss

What makes Facebook Live slightly unnerving is also what makes it such a powerful tool to reach customers. A live broadcast travels straight to your viewers, uncut and unedited. Seems strange in a time when every picture posted to social media has been hand picked from about 30 versions of the same photo… Then… Cropped. […]

Skyra Rideaux’s Formula for Better Email Marketing daily social media

Skyra Rideaux’s Formula for Better Email Marketing

Skyra Rideaux (Sky-ruh Reeh-doe) : leader, thinker, feeler. She’s a 30 year old making big waves in Louisiana and beyond, and she’s using social to share her lessons with the world. In particular, she’s leveraging the power of email to get into people’s inboxes and draw them into checking out her podcast, which, for many […]

Onlypult- Instagram Scheduling Solution daily social media

Onlypult: Instagram Scheduling Solution for Social Media Managers

Are you juggling more than one Instagram account? Are you frustrated with constantly logging in and out of accounts to post new content? Well guess what we found: the only IG scheduler (SO FAR) that actually publishes content – not just REMINDERS – for you!   I’ve personally vetted dozens of “Instagram schedulers” out there […]

Practical Snapchat Tips for Marketers - Daily Social Media

Practical Snapchat Tips for Marketers

With more than 100 million daily active users and views to over 10 billion videos a day, Snapchat has emerged as the fastest growing social network for marketers. The photo sharing app is currently the immensely used socializing platform amid 12 to 24 years old. A survey revealed that 69 percent students would purchase a […] daily social media

Creating a Bangin Profile

It’s likely that as a 21st century professional, you’re already bursting with social profiles and landing pages. Every additional “sign up” process leaves you lazy and afraid – should I use that same stupid password again? No you shouldn’t, but yes you will. Because hey – how the heck are you supposed to remember everything? […]

how to figure out social media management pricing for social media freelancing daily social media

Brand new to social media freelancing? Here’s how to figure out your pricing:

“What should I charge for social media management and consulting services?” This is one of the questions I get asked the most by industry peers and aspiring social media managers. My answer is often a mix of example pricing from various companies and dependency formulas and usually ends with me saying something like, “Charge whatever […]

#SuccessTips from Jeff Januszek: Ditch the ego & teach yourself what you don’t know

Ditch the ego & teach yourself what you don’t know

Jeff Januszek: social media pioneer, entrepreneur, and a real nice guy. Jeff is the founder of Jeff Januszek Social Media Marketing and the co-founder of The 504 Agency. In addition to owning these two New Orleans businesses, Jeff played a pivotal role in one of the coolest (and most DESPERATELY needed) citywide campaigns in New […]

how to use google collections | daily social media

Google introduces “collections.” Here’s how to use them:

Let’s start from the beginning: Google My Business a.k.a. Google Plus. In simplest terms, it’s is a free tool that will help local consumers find your business. When a potential customer does a search for your company using Google, in addition to the usual Google listing, a display will appear showing the following: Your location […]

lynn casper homoground podcasts

Social Media is hard – for everyone. Even the superstars.

Today I had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Lynn Casper, a New York based podcaster and founder of Homoground, a media company that promotes and supports LGBTQ & allied musicians and artists through podcasts, mixtapes, live events, and other collaborative projects. As you might have guessed, she is very boring.   As you also […]

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Step up your headshot game with LinkedIn photo editor

Feeling like you need to step up your LinkedIn game? LinkedIn’s internal data shows that simply having a photo results in 21x more profile views and 9x more connection requests. The obsession with Instagram and Snapchat is real! We crop, edit and filter all of our photos to show the best version of ourselves to […]

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All about GIFs

They’re pronounced like the peanut butter, and they make everything from chacha-ing babies to dancing bananas look better. Graphics Interchange Format, better known as GIFs, have been hot since 1987, but they just might be the best tool your brand isn’t using. What do GIFs do? In simple terms, GIFs string together a series of images […]

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Our top 4 favorite iPhone photo editing apps for 2017

The iPhone has evolved to be a fantastic camera. Its simple and easy to use stock camera is fast and reliable but lacks manual controls, a histogram, vertical level indicators, advanced HDR settings and advanced effects. So, how do you find the best photo editing apps for your iPhone photography? With so many apps out […]

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Are LinkedIn Ads Worth It?

The first question you should ask yourself here is actually “Is LinkedIn the right platform to promote my message?” Yes, LinkedIn is a place for professionals, but it’s also low traffic as a “social network” outside of those who are looking for a new job, trying to connect with new business contacts, or checking out […]

Technology is always changing

You say you’re intimidated keeping up with new technology? It can be overwhelming – but the alternative is sticking with what you already know. Would you prefer to go back to video cameras this big? Back in 2005, my aunt and I went to Rome for Easter. I packed what seemed like an impossibly small […]

Preparation helps conferences pay off

I had a great time leading six hours of workshops on digital marketing at the North American Farm Direct Marketing Association conference, in part because I had so many quality conversations about marketing.  I’ve just come back from a conference where I had more good conversations than I could count, got good ideas and business […]

How to blog if you hate to write

Phone? Check Email? Check Website? Check Blog? No? No blog? It’s become standard marketing advice that a business must have a blog, alongside more standard communications tools like having a phone number and email. The benefits of business blogging are many: You keep your website fresh so you give people a reason to come back You share useful […]

Pointers for an effective email signature file

Most email programs make it easy to set up an effective signature file. Here Google offers hyperlinks, formatting like bold and italics and more. Just make sure whatever you set up looks good on smartphones and in various email programs. Have you ever wanted to talk to someone and you realize you don’t have his […]

The difference between knowing the tools and knowing what to say

Online retailer Zappos has a great reputation for engagement and voice on social media — that takes both a strategy and good tactical implementation Would you let your summer intern set your prices because she knows how your cash register works? Would you let your teenage nephew respond to a legal claim against your business […]

Too Much of a Good Thing

A friend recently asked a good question: Is there such a thing as too much marketing? You probably know if you’re doing too little. You haven’t updated your website in years, you never carry business cards, you don’t have an email marketing list. But too much? Isn’t that a matter of taste? I’m loathe to […]

You Don’t Have to do it All

Imagine you have an hour to exercise. You have infinite choices, from running to lifting weights, from spinning to yoga. But you aren’t a movie star who gets to work out with a trainer all day, so you pick the activity that’s the best fit with your interests, goals and budget. Most people I talk […]

So You Wanna Manage Social Media…

I work for Conversations, (I help manage social media and content) and doing so exposes me to a lot of wonderful influences. I am getting to learn from the best in the biz, and am absorbing every bit of it! Today, as I was working on a client proposal, I saw my name stacked up […]

Goals Should Drive Your Communications Actions

Not long ago I had a hands-on social media training session with some of my favorite clients. We covered how to send an @reply and a direct message on Twitter, how to link to other businesses and people in a Facebook status update and how to use HootSuite and Facebook to schedule posts in advance. We even got them started […]

How to Stay Productive When There’s No Internet

Living in NYC, I spend more time than preferred on the train where there’s NO INTERNET ACCESS o_O At first I would just sit and think, but that gets really boring after a while and sometimes I don’t always want to carry a book with me. The one thing that I do always have on […]

Coffee Shop Commiserators: The Pros and Cons of Coworking Spaces

Working from a coffee shop, or any place where you’re surrounded by strangers who may or may not be billing hours — let’s lump these locations together as “coworking spaces” — is a strange sort of social contract. At a coworking space, you’ll trade some workday conveniences for others. Depending on whether you shell out […]